Stay safe in Africa

In many african cities, violent crime against tourists and travelers has become commonplace.

By taking a few precautions, you can stay safe and healthy while traveling through Africa.

Stay safe by trying not to look too much like a tourist as pickpockets will mostly target outsiders.

Never count out money or pull out your wallet in public. Also avoid wearing cameras around your neck in crowded places such as markets.

Return to your hotel or accommodations once the sun goes down.

Try to keep your voice low in public to avoid attracting attention.

Wear a flat money belt that fits underneath your clothes.

Talk to other travelers to know the current scams done by con-artists.


These countries' airlines have a very bad reputation: Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, Swaziland and Liberia.

US State Dept Travel Warnings

* Kenya since August, 2008. Take care.

* East of Chad since June, 2008.

* Burundi since April, 2008. Sudden outbreaks of armed violence.

* Eritrea since June, 2008. All foreign nationals need special permits to travel outside the capital Asmara.

* Somalia since October, 2008. Inter-factional fighting can flare up with little warning, and kidnapping, murder, and other threats can occur unpredictably in many regions.

* Central African Republic(CAR) since on March, 2008. The situation is volatile both in the capital and the rest of the country.

* Cote D'Ivoire since June, 2008. Potentially volatile political situation as well as a high incidence of violent car-jackings and muggings.

* Nigeria since October, 2007. This travel warning is mainly for the Niger Delta region of the country.

* Algeria since August, 2008. Terrorist attacks have increased again in Algeria.

* Sudan since October, 2008. Regions like Darfur and the east of Sudan are still extremely dangerous.

* Democratic Republic of the Congo since October, 2008. Random violence and lots of soldiers that still need to be de-mobilized.